1913 Harley Davidson 9G Motorcycle Truck Forecar

Harley Davidson ventured, for the first time, into the commercial use of motorcycles in 1913 with their "Model G" Motorcycle Truck Forecar. The Model G's were service Forecars, rear motorcycle powered three-wheeled vehicles with a large cargo box mounted on the front frame. These vehicles were used for a wide variety of services, most notably for the delivery of mail by the United States Postal Service. They were powered by an 8 hp, 61ci F-head V-twin chain drive two speed motorcycle. There were only 63 9G Forecars produced in 1913, 171 10Gs in 1914 and 98 11Gs in 1915, for a total of only 332 Model Gs in all, making these Forecars very rare. Most of them fell out of service within a decade or two, and it is speculated that most of the Forecars were scrapped for iron during the World Wars or converted back to motorcycles due to their desirable and powerful "Model E" engines. This Harley Davidson "Model G" Truck Forecar is the only one known to remain in existence. It has been beautifully restored and would be a fabulous center piece for the discriminating collector or museum. An ordinary machine that over 100 years became extraordinary--a wonderful piece of history!!