1905 Harley Davidson Strap Tank Replica
This very correct and beautiful 1905 Harley Davidson Strap Tank single cylinder motorcycle has been expertly recreated in every detail to one of the very first models that Harley Davidson produced well over a century ago. This motorcycle is one of approximately ten bikes that were produced in the 1990's by Lonnie Isam. Full internal mechanics have been built as new to original specifications which makes this motorcycle capable to start and run if desired. Excellent motorcycle for any display.


1912 Harley Davidson V-Twin "Silent Gray Fellow"
Very rare all matching numbers 1912 Harley Davidson Model X8E with the top of the line 8 HP V-Twin motor, Bosch magneto with chain drive and free wheel back hub. This motorcycle has undergone a full nut and bolt correct restoration with no expense spared! The motor has been completely rebuilt and bench tested prior to installing in the perfectly restored chassis. Correct Troxel solo seat, white button tread tires, Schebler carburetor and the list goes on! Excellent motorcycle for any museum or private collection. You would be hard pressed to find another example available for sale or one that has been restored any nicer than this one!
1917 Harley Davidson V-Twin Racer
1917 Harley Davidson V-Twin Board Track Racer. Fully restored by RL Jones many years ago. Better known as a "Strip Stock", the racers of the day would ride these bikes to the track, compete, and if still in one piece, would ride them back home at the end of the day.

1918 Harley Davidson 8-Valve Board Track Racer

Restored and built well over twenty five years ago, this motorcycle sports an original Harley Davidson Twin Cam low end from the late John Cameron collection. Eight valve cylinders produced by the late Steven Wright and a Chadwell board track race frame. Original front end, fuel tank and other components make up this very rare and highly collectable motorcycle. This motorcycle has just come off of a fifteen year long static display at the Peterson Museum in Los Angeles, CA. and has been featured in a number of books, magazines and posters. Case number 18.8V.1 can be viewed on the left side of motor below the cylinders.



1919 Harley Davidson Model J with sidecar

Winner of the the FIVA trophy  or the "Best Preserved Motorcycle" at the 2013 Quail Motorcycle Gathering.  Ex-Bud Ekins (owned for 10 years, and have hand signed letters from him for provenance), and 20th Century Fox before that.  Sold at Kirk White's 1971 Collector Car Auction (have all associated paperwork, catalog & documents)  It was featured in a 1971 movie with Keith Carradine riding it (have press kit)


1928 Harley Davidson FH 61ci. Factory Racer

Special Solo Twin with small wheels, sport solo bars and magneto ignition. Very rare twin cam high performance factory hot rod and reported to be the only known survivor of approximately twenty-five built. Restored by RL Jones about twenty years ago with what looks to be original paint, twin straight header pipes, and much more. Excellent motorcycle for any private collection or museum.

1939 Harley Davidson WLDD 45ci. Road Racer
One of only 273 WLDD's ever produced by the factory for Sport Solo use. This very fast and well put together Pre-War Harley Davidson WLDD was owned and built by David Sarafan for the past twenty years. This very fast racer sports an S&S lower end motor with special connecting rods, highly modified flywheels, WLDR big port barrels with oversized valves, modified large fin aluminum heads, road race cams, Wico vertical race magneto and high compression pistons. Chassis and front end is from a 1941 and later that uses the three bolt transmission casting. Front and rear 18 inch wheels with Z rated Avon tires, high performance brake shoes and vented front brake backing plate. WR exhaust system, handlebars, narrow WR road race gas tank and WR 5 QT WR road race oil tank. Reported to be one of the fastest 45ci to exist.  


1940 Harley Davidson UA 74ci. Military

One of only 300 74ci. Harley Davidson UA model produced for the US Marine Corps. This period correct and authentically restored motorcycle is perfect in every way. Every attention to detail has been taken to restore this very rare "pre Jeep" motorcycle back to the way it rolled off of the Harley Davidson assembly line back in 1940. Unlike the ten's of thousand's Harley WLA's produced for WWII, these 74ci motorcycles were only produced from 1939 to 1941 and very few survivors are known to exist. This motorcycle is another fine example coming from the David Sarafan stables and all attention to detail has been researched and applied to this ultra rare pre WWII military vehicle. An excellent machine for any military or motorcycle museum. Also a great runner for any military or 4th of July parade.     

Engine# 40UA4295


1941 Harley Davidson WLA

This 1941 Harley Davidson WLA is a classic American Military Motorcycle.
Engine # 41WLA2136 is one of 2,282 total units produced that year.

Special features include: 2" longer forks with attching brackets (1940-41 only), early pre 1942 horn assembly with winged face (1936-41), higher handlebars, louvered black out lights - made of pot metal (1941 only experimentla units), special front and rear fenders, long seat "T" bracket (standard civilian production to move riders back), buddy seat mountings, 1/2 year only tool box bracket and much much more.

Have a closer look at this beautiful period correct motorcycle and please contact us today for complete details and information.


1942 Harley Davidson WLA Custom Bobber
Owned and built by David Sarafan well over twenty-four years ago. Highly modified motor sporting a 55ci displacement, Truett and Osborne flywheels, WLDR big port barrels, modified aluminum big fin heads, large valves, WLDR cams and Indian racing Linkert carburetor. Four speed transmission in three speed case, original WLDR gas tanks, 1940 dash plate with a rebuilt original white face speedometer, 1929/30 45ci. custom tuned exhaust, 18 and 19 inch wheels with aluminum rims, front disc brake, Jack Tracey windshield, original period correct Hydra-Glide handlebar conversion dog bones and Speedster handlebars. Harley Hummer head and tail lights and much more. Motor number 42WLA 1023 meaning that this motor was the 23rd WLA built from an 88k production run. Maybe the lowest serial number to exist! Excellent runner and ready to show or go!
1942 Harley Davidson WLA 45ci. Military Cut Away Display  
Ultra rare and collectable. This Harley Davidson Factory school display has been in a private collection for decades. All original with every part "cut away" for viewing by the military mechanics/students to learn what it takes to keep these old war horses running. Once in a life time opportunity to own a true piece of history and an excellent display for any collection or museum.

1942 Harley Davidson WLA with Sidecar 

Very nicely restored 45ci. Harley Davidson "Liberator" military motorcycle with Goulding sidecar. This motorcycle is a proven rider with an updated 12 volt electrical system and has many original components used in the restoration with a few aftermarket items such as sidecar tub, saddle bags, Thompson rifle scabbard and speedometer to name a few. Great bike for show or go!       
Engine# 42WLA 52641


1942 Harley Davidson WLA

Another fine example of the 45ci V-Twin "Liberator" recently and professionally restored by David Sarafan. The motorcycles restored by Sarafan are correct in every way and David cut's no corners to either save time or money to bring these motorcycles back to excellent running and historical condition. These bikes are rebuilt as they would have been done by the US motorcycle ordinance rebuild shop's back in the 1940's. This motorcycle has many original items including frame, forks, motor, speedometer and gas tanks. The aftermarket items are of the finest quality available and not your basic cheap repop items from China or India. Most items are built here in the USA with a few items from Europe and Australia. Excellent runner and ready for any parade or museum. Saddle bags are also included in on the sale.

Engine# 42WLA (numbers to follow)



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