1908 Harley Davidson Model 4 Strap Tank Silent Gray Fellow

This beautiful example of Harley Davidson's 5th year production model single cylinder is selling with a complete and authentic Harley motor and carburetor which was purchased for $65,000 at a swap meet on the East Coast in the early 90’s. The motor was disassembled, inspected, repaired as needed and reassembled, and the chassis was fully reconstructed approximately 20 years ago by expert master fabricators.  Every attention to detail was taken when building the components of this very rare motorcycle.  In a side by side comparison, this bike cannot be distinguished from one built back in 1908.  This machine was remanufactured to such exacting specifications that it was awarded 99.75 points at the Antique Motorcycle Club of America’s (AMCA) meet in Dixon, CA in 2004. There are very few 100% real 1908 examples that exist, and if one came on the market, the price would be in the half million range. This example has the true Harley Davidson heart and soul with the authentic power plant that was handled and built by the four founders. This very high quality example is a true bargain and is an excellent investment that will appreciate over time.


1912 Harley Davidson V-Twin "Silent Gray Fellow"
Very rare all matching numbers 1912 Harley Davidson Model X8E with the top of the line 8 HP V-Twin motor, Bosch magneto with chain drive and free wheel back hub. This motorcycle has undergone a full nut and bolt correct restoration with no expense spared! The motor has been completely rebuilt and bench tested prior to installing in the perfectly restored chassis. Correct Troxel solo seat, white button tread tires, Schebler carburetor and the list goes on! Excellent motorcycle for any museum or private collection. You would be hard pressed to find another example available for sale or one that has been restored any nicer than this one!

1913 Harley Davidson 9G Motorcycle Truck Forecar
Harley Davidson ventured, for the first time, into the commercial use of motorcycles in 1913 with their "Model G" Motorcycle Truck Forecar.  The Model G's were service Forecars, rear motorcycle powered three-wheeled vehicles with a large cargo box mounted on the front frame.  These vehicles were used for a wide variety of services, most notably for the delivery of mail by the United States Postal Service.  They were powered by an 8 hp, 61ci F-head V-twin chain drive two speed motorcycle.  There were only 63 9G Forecars produced in 1913, 171 10Gs in 1914 and 98 11Gs in 1915, for a total of only 332 Model Gs in all, making these Forecars very rare.   Most of them fell out of service within a decade or two, and it is speculated that most of the Forecars were scrapped for iron during the World Wars or converted back to motorcycles due to their desirable and powerful "Model E" engines. 
This Harley Davidson "Model G" Truck Forecar is the only one known to remain in existence.  It has been beautifully restored and would be a fabulous center piece for the discriminating collector or museum.  An ordinary machine that over 100 years became extraordinary--a wonderful piece of history!!
Price Upon Request

1915 Harley Davidson V-Twin Model 11-F with Factory Sidecar

By far, one of the finest 1915 Harley Davidson V-Twins with a three speed transmission that we have had pass through our doors.  Featured at the 2010 Pebble Beach Concours Invitational, this exceptionally beautiful motorcycle was restored with 100% all original Harley Davidson components with the exception of the rubber and leather items and a few sundries such as chains, spokes and control wires.  Other accessories include rear wheel drive Corbin speedometer, acetylene head light, tail light and sidecar rear light with Prestolite bottle attached to the rear of the sidecar chassis.  Original factory sidecar features a new interior that was fabricated using the original 1915 patterns with true to exacting details.  The 11 HP V-Twin motor was completely rebuilt with riding dependability and performance in mind.  This beauty is ready for show or go!!!


1918 Harley Davidson 8-Valve Board Track Racer

Built well over 25 years ago, this racer sports an original Harley Davidson Twin Cam low end from the late John Cameron collection, eight valve cylinders produced by the late Steven Wright and a Chadwell boardtrack racing frame.  Original front end, fuel tank and other components complete this very rare and highly collectable motorcycle.  This bike recently came off a 15 year static display at the Peterson Museum in Los Angeles, CA and has been featured in a number of books, magazines and posters over the years.  Case number 18.8V.1 can be seen on the left side of the motor below the cylinders.



circa 1920 Harley Davidson Sidecar

All original Harley Davidson Sidecar fits Harley Davidson single and twin cylinder models from the early teens up in to 1924. More specific for the 1918 to 1921 year models. This sidecar is in very good to excellent condition with little to no rust or rotted through panels. Paint is old with some checking and crazing but not original 1920 factory paint. An amateur touch up was hand brushed on the fender although there is an old can of paint included in on the sale for this purpose. All clamps and hardware is included along with a spare tire, rear trunk and a tonneau cover. Interior is black vinyl and is in good to very good condition.  


1923 Harley Davidson Indirect Action Two Cam 8-Valve Board Track Racer
This very rare and original 1923 Harley Davidson Indirect Action Two Cam 8-Valve Board Track Racer is one of only a small handful of original factory 8-Valve racers still in existence today.  This motorcycle is well documented and has known history as far back as the day it was shipped by the factory to the Bennett & Woods Harley Davidson dealership in Australia.  It was later sold to the Ogden Race Team.  Several decades later, Bill MacNamara purchased a truckload containing five gallon drums of greasy parts directly from Charlie Ogden’s widow, Ivy.  Amongst these greasy parts were the crankcases, the frame, the forks, the engine internals, hubs and numerous other parts belonging to this 1923 Twin Cam Indirect Action Ogden 8-Valve.  With these parts, a restoration that was to end up taking the best part of 20 years ensued. 
Price Upon Request. 

1924 Harley Davidson BTR

Beautifully restored Model FE board track racer painted in a beautiful black and off white paint scheme with the motor fully adorned with nickel plating throughout and polished cases, Schebler carburetor with adjustable air intake and Bosch magneto. The motorcycle also has the rear wheel clutch system, turned down racer style handlebars, Mesinger race solo seat and side tank mounted oil surge pump to smoke out the competition. This motorcycle would make a great addition for any collection or retail stores that is looking for a beautiful centerpiece or display. 




1924 Harley Davidson 8-Valve Board Track Racer

Beautiful example of the top of the line Harley Davidson factory built racing machines of the 1920's era. This fine racer has been hand crafted from an original Harley Davidson frame and other components such as the Bosch ZEV magneto and more. The famous "two cam" motor is a new build using the finest metals and components available and it is ready to ride, race or display. Finished in traditional olive green paint scheme with red panel stripe and gold pinstriping along with 28 inch wheels, ribbed tires, Schebler AMX alcohol/gas barrel slide carburetor, front fork scissor style tensioner, race handlebars and more. Show or go, this fine example is a tribute to the Harley racers of a long gone era.


1928 Harley Davidson FH 61ci. Factory Racer

Special Solo Twin with small wheels, sport solo bars and magneto ignition. Very rare twin cam high performance factory hot rod and reported to be the only known survivor of approximately twenty-five built. Restored by RL Jones about twenty years ago with what looks to be original paint, twin straight header pipes, and much more. Excellent motorcycle for any private collection or museum.


1930 Harley-Davidson DL Sport Solo

In 1929 Harley Davidson introduced their first side valve powered motorcycle in a 45ci displacement.  Rather than create a new frame, they utilized the frames from the smaller ci OHV singles, but new engine cases were designed to mount the generator vertically alongside the front cylinder, giving the motorcycle the appearance of a three cylinder engine.  The following year, in 1930, many improvements were made to the 45.  This 1930 DL Sport Solo was recently acquired by Bator International, Inc. from the original owner’s family and imported back into the US after its 86 year stay in South Africa.  This beauty is in amazing original condition with Harley’s familiar olive green finish and orange striping.  It is an export model featuring a front fender license plate and export front wheel stand.  Only 3,191 units were produced and this DL is a late 1930 production model.  The vertical generator is unique as it has two independent field coils.  During daylight running, only one coil is energized, the second coming on only when the lights are switched on.  The dual headlights are separate low and high beam with a toggle switch on the right hand handlebar.  New 1930 features included a new lower frame, drop forge I-beam forks and drop center rims.  This mid-displacement motorcycle made 18.5 hp and would top out at 60-65 mph with a happy cruising speed of 50 mph. 



1933 Harley Davidson VLD Special Sport Solo

After the rise and passing of Harley Davidson's famous J Models (1915 to 1929), in 1930,  Harley came out with the new side valve motor design for their 45ci models, as well as their big twin line up.  In 1933, Harley introduced their very beautiful paint schemes and gone was their tried and true olive drab or other monotone paint colors with a pinstripe or two to accent their models.  This nearly perfect 1933 74ci beauty has been adorned with Harley’s mandarin red and black paint scheme with the Phoenix (or Eagle) design on the gas tanks and the beautifully hand laid gold pin striping.  Judged by the AMCA through the Junior and Senior First classes, this bike has earned its place in the winner’s circle by being scored in the very high 90’s on a scale of 100 points. This motorcycle has been restored inside and out with professional attention to detail on every nut and bolt.  The motor and trans were handed off to Jim Trochet for a no expense spared complete mechanical rebuild and many other parts and work were contributed by Steve Slocombe.  Every sub component such as wheel hubs, front forks, seat post, speedometer, you name it, has been fully rebuilt.   In my many years in this industry, very seldom have I seen such a perfectly restored motorcycle, and it’s an excellent runner!!  Ready for show or go.  It would also make an excellent addition to any high class museum or private collection.



1940 Harley Davidson EL Knucklehead Bobber

Built a number of years ago, this very nice Pre-War 61 ci. V-Twin Knucklehead sports a Superior style upswept exhaust, inline Springer front forks, Flanders style risers and handlebars, 3 1/gal Fat Bob tanks with frame mounted police style hand shifter and foot clutch, 19 in front wheel, 16 inch rears, original Panhead speedo, black solo seat, tombstone taillight, Cycle-Ray headlight, 6 volt electrical system and period correct four speed transmission.  This bike also has the straight leg, short rake frame with all sidecar tabs present, aluminum cast extra spark plug holder, Linkert carb and much more. 



1940 Harley Davidson UA 74ci. Military

One of only 300 74ci. Harley Davidson UA model produced for the US Marine Corps. This period correct and authentically restored motorcycle is perfect in every way. Every attention to detail has been taken to restore this very rare "pre Jeep" motorcycle back to the way it rolled off of the Harley Davidson assembly line back in 1940. Unlike the ten's of thousand's Harley WLA's produced for WWII, these 74ci motorcycles were only produced from 1939 to 1941 and very few survivors are known to exist. This motorcycle is another fine example coming from the David Sarafan stables and all attention to detail has been researched and applied to this ultra rare pre WWII military vehicle. An excellent machine for any military or motorcycle museum. Also a great runner for any military or 4th of July parade.     


Engine# 40UA4295


1941 Harley Davidson WLA

This 1941 Harley Davidson WLA is a classic American Military Motorcycle.
Engine # 41WLA2136 is one of 2,282 total units produced that year. 

Special features include: 2" longer forks , early pre 1942 horn assembly with winged face (1936-41), higher handlebars, louvered black out lights made of pot metal (1941 only experimental units), special front and rear fenders, long seat "T" bracket (standard civilian production to move riders back), buddy seat mountings, 1/2 year only tool box bracket and much more.


1941 Harley Davidson Model U 74ci

This exceptionally nice, fully restored beauty was originally sold by the factory to the Pittsburgh, PA, Police Department back in 1941. The Harley U was a perfect motorcycle for such utilitarian use, as they were quite dependable and very smooth running. This motorcycle has been in the same collection for over twenty years and has  undergone a full professional restoration utilizing a very complete and original motorcycle.  Logging in only 738 miles since the resto, this bike has proven itself to be an excellent runner and is ready for show or go.  Because of the WWII efforts, new Harleys were very difficult to purchase.  They only produced 884 U Models, many of which, if not all, went to the police and CD department for official use.   This bike really pops with its Flight red paint scheme.  It was restored with original components including all sheet metal, full speedo and dash, headlight and taillight, just to name a few.   This is a lower case matching number motorcycle with excellent original stampings throughout. 


1942 Harley Davidson WLA Custom Bobber
Owned and built by David Sarafan well over twenty-four years ago. Highly modified motor sporting a 55ci displacement, Truett and Osborne flywheels, WLDR big port barrels, modified aluminum big fin heads, large valves, WLDR cams and Indian racing Linkert carburetor. Four speed transmission in three speed case, original WLDR gas tanks, 1940 dash plate with a rebuilt original white face speedometer, 1929/30 45ci. custom tuned exhaust, 18 and 19 inch wheels with aluminum rims, front disc brake, Jack Tracey windshield, original period correct Hydra-Glide handlebar conversion dog bones and Speedster handlebars. Harley Hummer head and tail lights and much more. Motor number 42WLA 1023 meaning that this motor was the 23rd WLA built from an 88k production run. Maybe the lowest serial number to exist! Excellent runner and ready to show or go!

1942 Harley Davidson XA

This very nice 750cc opposed cylinder military Harley is one of only 1000 model XA motorcycles produced by Harley Davidson for WWII. This very correct motorcycle runs very well, has all original sheet metal and has been fully restored with a complete and thorough mechanical rebuild. This bike is selling without rifle as shown in photos.


1942 Harley Davidson WLA

This period correct and authentically restored military motorcycle is in excellent condition. Restored by Steve White, every attention to detail has been taken to restore this classic WWII 45ci V-twin back to the way it was when it rolled off of the factory assembly line. An excellent machine for a Sunday rider or any military collection or museum.


1942 Harley Davidson WLA 45ci. Military Cut Away Display  
Ultra rare and collectable. This Harley Davidson Factory school display has been in a private collection for decades. All original with every part "cut away" for viewing by the military mechanics/students to learn what it takes to keep these old war horses running. Once in a life time opportunity to own a true piece of history and an excellent display for any collection or museum.


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