1928 Harley Davidson FHAD Two Cam Hill Climber

In the 1920’s, many motorcycle manufacturers were involved in the sport of hill climbing to garnish awards for their brands! As the old saying goes, “Win on Sunday, Sell on Monday”! This strategy inevitably brought many buyers to the dealerships with the hopes of capturing some of the thrill and excitement that they had experienced just the day before. The FHAC motor was highly modified utilizing a two cam low end with an overhead valve set up that made its way into street production in 1936 with the introduction of the EL Knucklehead. The Harley factory race chassis was beefed up with extra trusses on the frame, forks and even the handlebars to combat against the heavy thrashing the bike would sustain while attempting to negotiate the almost vertical courses up the sides of mountains and cliffs throughout the US and overseas. This replicated example incorporates a number of genuine parts including hubs, brakes, wheels, frame, transmission, clutch, seat and footboards. The cylinder heads were recreated using images of original heads. The gear box is set up as an “in and out” design, but all internal gears are built into the box in case the new owner would like to utilize all three gears. Show or go, this great machine is fully functional and sure to please!


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