1928 Harley Davidson JDH

Back in the teens to the mid 1920’s Harley Davidson, along with the other US motorcycle manufacturers such as Indian, Excelsior, Flying Merkel, Cyclone and others, were all in a full blown competition war to lure new customers over to their brand, be it hill climbers, board trackers or grass track racers. Bill Harley and the Davidson brothers were always working away in the skunk works department redesigning and coming up with better ways to make their motors more dependable and ultimately faster to beat out the competition. In about 1924, they perfected a new lower end that utilized a twin cam system and threw it out to the factory racers to go out and kick even more butt than before. The design was so successful that they adapted the famous 8 valve top end for the ultimate engine design.  As the old saying goes, “Win on Sunday, Sell on Monday”, so in 1928, Harley introduced their highly coveted two cam engine to the street models and dubbed them the JDH. Sadly, the JDH only saw two years of production before the “Great Depression” hit the US and Harley started to build the new VL flatheads in 1930. In todays world, the JDH is a highly sought after model and the one we are offering here is a fine example and in very nice condition.  This bike would be a great addition to any private collection or museum. 


1928 Harley Davidson JDH

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