1935 Goulding Zep Sidecar

This very rare circa 1930’s to mid 1940’s Goulding “Zep’ sidecar is in exceptionally good original condition with it’s old paint patina and a minimal amount of surface rust. The integrity of the metal is in very good shape and the bottom of the tub is not compromised whatsoever. This rig looks to have been mounted on an early Harley due to it’s Harley sidecar fender and running lights. The original Goulding side fender is also included in the sale. All of the sidecar mounts look to be present, and the original metal stripes on the front side and back of the tub are there and in very good condition. The side door, door hinges and latch are all in great shape and work very well. This rig would look great on an old original paint bike or restore it and be the only kid on the block to own one!


1935 Goulding Zep Sidecar

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