The A1-R was Kawasaki’s first serious entry into 250 GP competition racing. This very rare factory racer sports an air cooled 250cc two stroke twin rotary valve induction motor with a solo Mikuni carburetor exiting out from each side of the crank case.  A five speed gearbox is driven through a wet clutch and utilizes the production oil injection system similar to the street version A1 models. Other special features include a four shoe leading front brake, twin expansion chambers with stinger pipes and what looks to be the original paint factory red and white livery. The original remote float Mikuni carbs were replaced early on and the more reliable central float Mikuni’s were fitted to the machine. 

The factory spec’s show that the engine has a 53×56 bore and stroke, 8.1:1 compression, 40+HP@ 9500rpm was advertised with 21.7ft/lbs of torque @ 8500rpm, magneto ignition and weighing in at 240lbs. This true survivor would make a great addition to any serious collection or take it on parade laps at the vintage race track events.


1965 Kawasaki A1-R 250cc

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