1969 American Eagle Renegade

Serial entrepreneur, Jack McCormack, set up the American Eagle motorcycle brand in the late 1960s. He had previously been a major player in establishing both Honda and Suzuki motorcycles in the USA. The parent company, McCormack International, imported various Italjet, Kawasaki, and Laverda motorcycles which, somewhat modified and rebadged, were sold under the American Eagle marque.

Moto Laverda was founded by Francesco Laverda in the late 1940s. The company initially produced a series of 75cc and 100cc 4-stroke vertical singles and did very well in the emerging post-war motorcycle market in Italy. The company also had considerable success with these machines in Italian road racing and off road events. Laverda then expanded the range to include scooters, mopeds and a series of on and off road machines powered by a 125cc horizontal single engine. The American Eagle Renegade is powered by a 4-stroke horizontal single based on a Laverda 125cc trail bike, made in Breganze, Italy. The engine was enlarged to 150cc and the machine fitted with a California made and manufactured UNICON fibreglass bodywork kit in the US. It’s an easy starting fun machine which has even been ridden around the Willow Springs race track during the 2005 North American Laverda Club Rally.

The Renegade has undergone a complete nut & bolt restoration which included re-lacing the wheels with stainless steel spokes and nipples, all parts repainted, all chrome replated, all hardware re-cad-plated, all alloy polished and brand new instruments. It has the correct headlight, tail light, switchgear, horn, carburator and rubber parts. Included are some spare parts and an owner’s manual (in Italian), spare decals, and a great photo of Jack McCormack and Piero Laverda at Willow Springs with the bike. “selling on a bill of sale only”

1969 American Eagle Renegade
1969 American Eagle Renegade


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