1956 Ceccato Lusso

Born near Vincenza in Italy, Pietro Ceccato, though a trained pharmacist with strong musical talents, was also interested in electronics, racing motorcycles, and technical subjects in general. He eventually left pharmacy and started businesses producing office supplies, baking machinery, service station equipment, and industrial engines. Post WW II, he joined others in recognizing for cheap transport and in 1947, introduced a line of small 2-stroke motorcycles ranging from 75cc to 175cc. Later there followed a range of 4-stroke powered machines.

In the early 1950s, a young engineer named Fabio Taglioni, who later designed the very successful Ducati V-twin engines, joined Ceccato. He designed chain driven overhead cam 75cc and 98cc racing engines that put Ceccato on the map with victories on Italian road and track circuits. The 75cc model broke world speed records for the 1 mile and 1 km flying start in 1954. By the early 1960s, motorcycle sales in Italy fell and Ceccato stopped production to concentrate on other engineering activities, being now a major player in the global air compressor market.

This Ceccato is a 1956 125cc 4-stroke model. It has undergone a complete nut and bolt restoration with new paint, all chrome replated, all hardware re-cad-plated, all alloy polished and rubber parts replaced. The wheels were relaced with stainless steel spokes and nipples. It has the correct headlight, tail light, horn, carburator, switchgear, rubber parts and air pump.

Included are a spare gasket set, hand grips, footpeg rubbers, tank decals, parts manual, 1960 Italian registration and other literature.
“Selling On Bill Of Sale Only”


1956 Ceccato Lusso

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