1960 Capriolo Antelope

Capriolo was the name of the motorcycle production arm of the Italian aircraft company Aeromere (or Aero-Caproni) based in Trento. After World War II, the victorious allies prohibited wartime aircraft and other military hardware suppliers from remaining in their previous industries, and Aero-Caproni became one of several that switched to producing motorcycles or scooters. To survive, Capriolo had to export their machines, with the US as the most important market. They were imported and distributed in the US by Cosmopolitan Motors in New Jersey.
This Capriolo Antelope (circa 1960) has a 75cc 4-stroke vertical single engine and is essentially an “Americanized” version of the European model TV, an International Six Day Trials winner. Valve actuation is via a unique “face cam” in which a spinning disc in the head space has indentations which push down on the valve stems to open the inlet and exhaust valves. Ignition is by flywheel magneto with power rated at 6.5 HP.

The Antelope underwent a complete nut and bolt restoration. All paint was re-done, all chrome parts replated, all hardware re-cad-plated, all alloy polished, and all rubber replaced. The wheels were relaced with stainless steel spokes and nipples. The bike has the correct headlight, tail light, horn, switchgear, carburator, and rubber parts. It comes with an original operator’s manual (in Italian), parts book, wiring diagram, workshop manual (in English), advertising literature, etc. Also included are some spares such as decals, gasket sets and a new piston with rings.

“selling on a bill of sale only”


1960 Capriolo Antelope
1960 Capriolo Antelope

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