1913 Excelsior Big Base Belt Drive V-Twin

The Excelsior Motor Manufacturing and Supply Company in Chicago began producing belt-driven, single-cylinder motorcycles in 1907. However, bicycle manufacturer Ignaz Schwinn was looking to move into the production of motorcycles and along with the Henderson brand, he made the owners of the Excelsior brand an offer they couldn’t refuse. In 1911, The Excelsior Motor Manufacturing and Supply Company was purchased by Schwinn. In 1913 Schwinn offered up the 1000cc “big base” V-Twin motor with rear chain or belt drive option to get the power to the back wheel. Most would opt for the more modern chain drive but some were ordered with the proven flat belt and Eclipse hand clutch design. This nice example was a very complete motorcycle prior to being restored. It has undergone a professional mechanical and cosmetic restoration to bring it back to its factory luster and full mechanical potential. All sheet metal including its fenders, tool box and copper fuel tank are original with the only items reproduced being the rear luggage rack and tin muffler can. All hubs and wheels have been fully trued and both rims are also original items to the motorcycle. All nickel brightwork has been replated and the original gray and maroon livery has been professionally reapplied. Show or go, this beautiful veteran motorcycle would be an excellent addition to any collection or museum or the first time buyer.


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