1943 Harley Davidson Model F Knucklehead

Some collectors believe that the 1936 Harley Davidson Knucklehead is one of the rarest and most collectible years of the entire 12 year Knucklehead motor’s production run. We all know the first year model is always a sought after unit, but when you talk about rarity, as well as limited production, the 1943 Model F stands out above all others. Starting in 1942, the entire factory was geared up to produce the 45ci. WLA and WLC military bikes for the war effort and no civilian bikes were being produced unless there was a dire need from the government or other municipalities. With a production run of only twelve units in total, the 1943 Model F is one of the rarest motorcycles of all!  Many collections have a 1936 EL in the line up, but only a few legitimate 1943’s are still known to exist. This very fine and correct example was meticulously researched and built by my good friend, and one of the best restorers in the industry, Landy Brakke. This nut and bolt correct example has all of the proper fit and finish on every part including a new old stock wiring loom, the frame and all casted parts having proper year date coded hallmarks, original VIN stampings by the factory with matching lowers, and the list goes on.  All of the sheet metal, seat, handlebars, front end are all OEM Harley, and every attention to detail and correctness has been painstakingly taken to assure that this motorcycle is as correct as can be. This ultra rare Knucklehead would be a headliner in any serious Harley collection or automotive museum. 

1943 Harley Davidson F

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