1947 Harley Davidson WL

The 45ci 750cc Harley Davidson WL had the longest running production of any Harley model until the Sportster took over the title some years ago. The tried and true flathead engine sports a “whopping” 25hp @ 4500 rpm and a top cruising speed of approximately 65 mph. Built to last, Harley used these motors for the war effort as well as for utilitarian use for police and meter maid service in the big cities. The W 45ci motor was also used for competition for many years under the WR badge and was quite successful against the Indian and Excelsiors of the day. Later on, when the British invasion hit after WWII, the WRs were still very competitive all the way up to 1952 when the factory retired the WR and started racing the KR’s in Class C racing. The street version was also quite popular as they were much more nimble and not as large or heavy as their 74ci big brothers. This very nice example was refurbished a number of years ago with a beautiful Skyline Blue livery and correct cad and parkerized finishes throughout. This old girl was built for the road and is ready to accompany her next lucky caretaker on many new adventures.


1947 Harley Davidson WL

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