1968 Harley Davidson XLH Sportster

In the mid 1960’s, Harley Davidson decided to build out two different models of the 900cc Sportster, one model, the XLCH, sported the traditional Sportster 1.9 gallon gas tank with magneto and kick start only. The other model, designated as the XLH, was targeting the cruiser market by adding a larger capacity gas tank, two up seat, saddle bags, a 12 volt electrical system and the very first electric start for the Sportster model. In today’s world, the XLH’s are getting quite desirable as the old timers that blew out their knees years ago on the CH’s, still want to ride and can get the same fun and performance out of the XLH by pushing a button! This year model also incorporates the kick starter in case you want to relive the old days of being launched over the bars or hyperextending your right knee! This classic sportster has been nicely restored and would make a great addition to any Harley collection or be a great bike for the weekend warrior who still dreams of having the wind whipping through their hair and bugs in their teeth feel once more!


1968 Harley Davidson XLH

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