1982 Laverda Jota

Vin # ZLVMLDHA2C0000032
The Laverda Jota is the ultimate “Beast from Breganze”, the snarling 1000cc, 180 degree crankshaft triple with the killer sound that left the rest of the motorcycling world in its rear view mirrors, with its unheard of 140 mph top speed.

Wanting to make its mark in the large capacity market, and building on its success with the 750cc twins, design studies were initiated in early 1969 on a novel 1000cc three cylinder overhead cam engine to power the new model. In fact, an early prototype was shown by Laverda at the 1969 Milan show. Development of the engine and chassis, and the electrics, took place following this, before achieving the final production model, the 1000 3C, which premiered at the Mila show in September of 1972.

Over the next several years, a number of model variations were developed, the 3CE, the 3CL, the Jarama, and the Jota, as improvements were make in brakes (drums to discs), electronics, front suspension, oil cooling, lubrication, etc. Many of these improvements came as a result of the racing activities of the Slater Brothers, at that time, the British Laverda importers. Meanwhile the factory itself was deeply involved in competition events in Europe, especially endurance racing. It was a true case of “racing improves the breed” as throughout the 70s, the big Laverda triples became stronger, more reliable, and more competitive throughout Europe.

To many enthusiasts, the Jota 180, even to this day, is considered to be the ultimate Laverda, first developed by Roger Slater in 1976, then improved on and adopted by the factory. With its “Laverda racing orange” color, distinctive cast alloy wheels, flip-up seat, high performance exhaust, and (starting in 1979) front fairing, it was the best triple yet to roll out of the Breganze factory gates. The Jota was the bike which dominated the prestigious British Avon production race series, winning it in 1976, 1978 and 1979 with Peter Davies as its star rider. The Jota was a breath of fresh air in a motorcycling world that had become dominated by look-a-like Japanese 4-cylinder machines. With its 140 mph top speed, it was then the fastest production motorcycle in the world. A Navy owner commented, “ The Jota is so uncivilized and brutal, so loud and radical, that it is a true gust of fresh air in a constantly regulated universe….” .

This Jota, titled as a 1982 model, has been owned by the current owner since 1991 and has a remarkably low 16,492 miles on its odometer. It is in wonderful original condition, both mechanically and cosmetically . It does need to have the clutch slave cylinder rebuilt. It has the 4C cams and Moto Witt electronic ignition, and Albert bar end mirrors. Included are a collection of period magazines with Jota features, an Operation & Maintenance manual, a Parts manual, a Dell Orto carburator guide, the factory tool kit, and a group of parts and service documents. Most importantly, accompanying the Jota will be a crate with literally hundreds (a gold mine) of spares. Shortly after purchasing the bike, the owner went through the parts book and ordered multiples of every consumable part – gaskets, cables, rubber parts, connectors, bearings, carb jets, lenses, brake rebuild kits, bulbs, seals and on and on. Everything needed to service the Jota for the foreseeable future is there.


1982 Laverda Jota
1982 Laverda Jota

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