1988 Laverda SFC 1000

VIN # D6M125710M
Saving the best for last? It’s been said that the SFC 1000 is the best motorcycle that Moto Laverda ever built. It’s also been said that the SFC 1000 is the most beautiful motorcycle ever built. You be the judge. But it is true that the SFC 1000 marked the end of the line for Moto Laverda of Breganze. But true to form, they went out with a bang, not a whimper.

By the early 80s, because of a general downturn in the motorcycle market, poor sales of the newer 350/500cc range, and slumping sales of the 180 triples, Moto Laverda found itself in financial trouble, with a need to update an aging product. And to do it with minimal cash investment. The first motorcycle to emerge from this redesign was the 83 HP RGS (Real Gran Sport)1000, which moved Laverda into the sport touring realm. The engine was revised and retuned with a 120 degree crank and rubber mounted for smoother operation, with a quieter exhaust system mounted. The frame was lowered, fitted with adjustable foot pegs and new gold alloy cast Oscam wheels. A gearbox redesign put the shift lever directly on the left side and revisions were made to the clutch, primary drive, and ignition. The changes were all geared to user friendliness and reliability. But perhaps the biggest change was the striking red aerodynamic Bayflex bodywork, completely changing the appearance of the big triple.

Sales of these RGS variants were not sufficient to put Moto Laverda on sound financial footing, but the factory gave it one last shot with the SFC 1000, the basis for which was the high performance Corsa engine, upgraded to 100 HP. All components on the machine were top of the line, bracketry and metalwork truly works of art, and the red bodywork, now made of fiberglass slimmed down for a sleeker appearance. The frame was painted gold, and gold Marzocchi MI-12 forks were up front. A new Verlicchi box-section aluminum swingarm supported remote reservoir Marzocchi adjustable shocks at the rear. Three spoke Oscam cast alloy wheels with Brembo brake provided stopping power. As notable Laverda journalist Jean-Louis Olive states, “The SFC 1000 was a magnificent machine, acknowledged as one of the most beautiful bikes of all time….” . The German and British press called it the Maserati of the motorcycling world, a symbol of a whole epoch.


1988 Laverda SFC 1000

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The SFC 1000 offered here , while carrying a 1974 Title was obviously made in the late 1980s and appears to be one of the original German machines but with the gold cast Oscam wheels. Mileage is 13,328 miles. Rear suspension is with trick Fourneles air shocks though the original shocks are included. It has the white faced Veglia instruments and Albert bar end mirrors. The carbs feature individual K&N air filters though the original airbox and filter are included. Spares include another set of K&N air filters, a box of assorted parts, a battery strap, and a complete set of directional signals. Also included are the Owners Manual, Parts Manual, a Dell’Orto carburator guide, a large color-coded wiring schematic, an issue of Motorcycle Classics featuring the SFC 1000, and other documents.

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