c1953 LaVerda 75cc Sport Tipo

In the late 1940s, Moto Laverda was founded by Francesco Laverda, son of Pietro Laverda who himself had founded Laverda Macchine Agricole, producers of combines, grape presses and other mechanized agricultural equipment.  By 1949, Moto Laverda had built its first prototype 75cc single cylinder (canted forward) 4-stroke engine powered moped.  By the early 1950’s the company had produced a series of 50cc and 75cc (3HP) lightweight moped-like single seat machines with pressed steel frames, flywheel magneto ignition and a small egg-shaped gas tank of semi step-through design. 

By the mid-50s,  updated, modernized designs resulted in 75cc  and 100cc  4 stroke machines that were true lightweight motorcycles.  At that point Laverda was fully participating in Italian off-road racing and in signature Italian road races such as the Moto Giro and Milano-Taranto runs.  This 75cc Sport Tipo was completely restored by the seller. It has the correct headlight, horn, taillight, switches, handgrips, footpeg rubbers, etc.  The same bike is shown in the 50th Anniversary of Moto Laverda commemorative book.  It comes with the owners manual, parts book, engine gasket set and wiring diagram.


c1953 LaVerda Tipo Sport

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