1975 Norton Commando 850

In the early to mid 1970’s Norton, along with all of the other British motorcycle manufactures, were scrambling to keep pace with the Honda 750 that made it’s debut in 1969. The mixture of the Japanese technology along with the stubbornness of the Brit’s hammered the final nail in the coffin for every brand coming out of the UK. In the final year of the Norton Commando, the factory made a weak attempt to modernize the antiquated design of the vertical twin by adding an electric starter driven through the inner primary cover. As we all know, Lucas, “the Prince of Darkness” made their reputation off of failure, so after a few years, the electric starters typically failed and were there more for show than go. Luckily, years later, the aftermarket world built a better unit which is now installed on this motorcycle and is working fine.

Along with the new starter, this example has undergone a number of updates and repairs including new carburetors, rebuilt brake system including new brake rotors and pads, fully serviced motor, new battery and much more. One note needs mentioning, the gas tank has internal rust issues which may need further repair or replacement. The original paint and patina is present and this very desirable British classic would be a good candidate for a full restoration or after a full service, will make an enjoyable classic rider. Selling with a clear title.


1975 Norton Commando
1975 Norton Commando

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