1912 Pierce Four Cylinder

The Pierce Four cylinder was only in production from1909 to 1913 when the Pierce Cycle Company closed its doors due to the motorcycle costing the factory more to manufacture than the company could retail it for. Modeled after the Belgian FN, the Pierce was the first four cylinder motorcycle, as well as the first shaft drive motorcycle to be built in the United States. The engine design was known as the T-head Four with a displacement of 42ci. The unconventional frame design utilized the motor as a stress member and the oversized frame tubes were put into service as the oil and gas storage which gave the motorcycle a truly futuristic look for the day. This 1912 model has the two speed gearbox, Herz magneto and is finished in a beautiful blue livery sporting an ample amount of bright nickel plating throughout. A wonderful addition to any collection or museum.


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